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Washington Township Budget
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Tax Collection
Sally A. Mantz
4202 Main Street
Slatedale, PA 18079
Wednesday from 4:15pm - 6:15pm
You can also leave a message anytime outside calling hours.

Real Estate, Property, and Per Capita Taxes please send to Sally Mantz at the address above. We cannot accept payment for these taxes at the Township Building. All real estate tax questions should be directed to Sally. She does not have an office at the township.

Property & Per Capita Taxes
Township property tax, School property tax and Per Capita tax are issued and collected yearly by Sally A. Mantz, 4202 Main Street, PO Box 155 Slatedale, PA 18079.

County property tax is collected by the county. These taxes are NOT collected at the Washington Township Municipal Building. Questions regarding these taxes should be directed to Sally Mantz at 610-767-4533.

NOTE: Mortgage companies pay township, county, & school taxes – township taxes are paid by your mortgage companies so do not pay them or duplicate payments are made. Most mortgage companies receive your tax amounts electronically without receiving the tax bill from you, but it is recommended for you to check with them. Per Capita taxes are not paid by your mortgage company - you are responsible to pay them.

  • Township Real Estate is Issued April 1
  • School Real Estate is Issued July 1
  • Township and School Per Capitas are on the same bill and are issued together July 1

Delinquencies are turned over to the following companies and once turned over these companies are who need to be contacted for resolution.

  • Township - Elite Revenue Services
  • School - Portnoff Associates
  • Township Per Capita - Berkheimer Associates
  • School Per Capita -Statewide Tax Recovery
  • Township Street Light and Hydrant - Creditech Collection Agency – if applicable

Local Service Tax (LST) and Earned Income Tax
Self-employed and businesses within the township should continue to collect and remit to the Washington Township Office. An agreement has been made with the Northern Lehigh School District to collect their LST Tax.

The Township portion ($5) and the School portion ($5) – a total of $10.00 should be sent to Washington Township. Please note that Central Tax Bureau (which is not in business anymore) or Berkheimer Associates does not collect this tax for us.

Residents' filing of EARNED INCOME TAX (1%) should be sent to Berkheimer Associates.
Website: Berkheimer Associates

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