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Fall Leaf Pick Up
Soon after the leaves start falling, the township will start our leaf pickup. Please remember to place your leaf piles as close to the road or curb as possible. Also be sure that leaf pile only contain leaves, vacuuming up rocks, branches or debris can be harmful to our staff and equipment. The township cannot safely pick up leaves on the following state roads: PA 873, Mountain Road or Old Post Road. Before putting leaves along any state road, please call the township to see if pick up will be possible. If you prefer to drop off your leaves or brush, this can be done at the township yard on Center Street between the hours of 7:30am and 3:30pm, Monday – Friday. Please be aware that brush burning is prohibited and leaf burning is only permitted during the month of November. Leaf burning in the VC zoning district is prohibited all year. Please check our web site for a copy of the complete burn ordinance and our yard hours.

Snow Removal
It is the goal of the Washington Township Road Maintenance department to maintain safe and passable roads during winter storms. The Road Department tries to get as many roads plowed and salted as possible before residents have to leave for work or return home from work, although, depending upon the timing of the storm, it is not always possible. Please be patient.

In order to keep the roads open, the plows need to plow along the edge of the roads. The drivers do their best to not damage any mailboxes, but unfortunately, they cannot always prevent it. They have no control of where the plow unloads the window of snow, and occasionally, the weight of the snow knocks over mailboxes.

Since most mailboxes are located within Township road right of way, the Township does not repair or replace them.

You can try some of the suggestions below to try to minimize mailbox damage

  • When installing your mailbox, keep it as far from the edge of the roadway as possible.
  • Remove snow from around your mailbox, but avoid throwing the snow back onto the roadway.
  • Inspect your mailbox before winter. Make sure it is firmly supported in the ground. Check for deteriorated wooden posts and rusted metal posts. Also make sure your mailbox is securely mounted to the post. Check the mounts for rust and wear as well.
  • If possible, avoid plastic mailboxes. Some plastic mailboxes have a tendency to shatter in cold weather.
  • If your mailbox continues to get knocked down, you may want to consider changing the location of the mailbox. Sometimes moving the mailbox a few feet in either direction can help.

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