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Welcome to our ordinances page. Here you'll find a few of the more important ordinances within the township.
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In the event of a conflict between the electronic version of the Ordinance and the printed, the official printed version shall govern. Copies of the Ordinances are also available for viewing in the township building.

   Noise Ordinance download
   Nuisance Ordinance download
   Burning Ordinance download
   Street Numbers, Names, Etc. download
   Outdoor Fuel Burning download
   Property Maintenance Code download
   Driveway Ordinance download
   Grading Ordinance download
   Keeping of Poultry download
   Target Ranges and Group Homes download
   Mandatory Recycling download
   Parking on Public Roadways download
   Jordan Creek and Trout/Bertsch Creek Watersheds Stormwater Management Plan download

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