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Washington Township If you observe any illicit discharges, please report them immediately to the Township Manager.

The goals of all stormwater management programs as required by PADEP are to reduce the discharge of pollutants from the Township to protect water quality and to satisfy requirements of the Clean Water Act.

Washington Township would like you to remember that the water and any items that go to into a storm sewer go directly into streams. This water is not cleaned in any way and does not go to the wastewater treatment plant.

Washington Township needs all of its residents to assist us in keeping our stormwater and storm sewer system clean by doing the following:

  • Dispose of water properly
  • Clean up after your pets
  • Use fertilizers properly and efficiently to prevent excess pollutant runoff
  • Store materials that could pollute stormwater indoors
  • Monitor stormwater inlets near your property.

What You Can Do

Here are some of the most important ways for Township residents to prevent stormwater pollution:

  • Properly dispose of hazardous substances, such as used motor oil, cleaning supplies and paint - never pour them down any part of the storm sewer system, and report anyone who does.
  • Use pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides properly and efficiently to prevent excess runoff of these items.
  • Look for signs of soil and other pollutants, such as debris and chemicals, leaving construction sites in stormwater runoff or tracked onto roads by construction vehicles. Report poorly managed construction sites that could impact stormwater runoff to the Township.
  • Install innovative stormwater practices on residential properties, such as rain barrels or rain gardens, that capture stormwater and keep it on-site instead of letting it drain away into the storm sewer system.
  • Report any discharge from stormwater outfalls during times of dry weather (72 hours after rain event) - there could be a problem.
  • Pick up after pets and dispose of their waste properly. No matter where pets make a mess - in a backyard or on open space - stormwater runoff can carry pet waste from the land to the storm sewer system to a stream.
  • Store materials that could pollute water indoors and use containers for outdoor storage that do not rust or leak to eliminate exposure of materials to stormwater.

To learn about water quality and simple ways to protect our water visit the EPA's Website

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